Have you ever looked around, seen the glaring need amongst so many South Africans and wondered how you can help? Or have you simply felt overwhelmed and are unsure where to start helping?

You want to donate money, but you don’t know who to give it to and how to find well-run sustainable NGOs, so that you know that your money is being used for the purpose it was intended for?

This is where CSI Linked Trust comes in. CSI Linked Trust helps companies, private trusts and individuals, to place donations and/or their Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and Enterprise Development (ED) spend.

Our approach goes beyond a mere tickbox approach and we take away the “hassle” and admin of finding the NGOs, investigating their long-term sustainability and impact, manage all the associated paperwork and close the giving loop by providing a feedback report on the impact achieved of the money spent.

Some examples of projects some of our clients are currently supporting and where your money can make an impact immediately is:

Feeding Growing Minds

R5,000 can provide 5000 breakfasts for hungry children aged 1 – to 5 at ECD centres in the greater Cape Town area. This ensures that the children are able to learn and are not distracted by hunger.

Teaching Life-skills

R7,500 sponsors 30 children with weekly life-skills lessons for a year. This equips the children with practical life-skills and knowledge in how to be healthy, confident and more resilient.

Opportunity for self-sufficiency

R4,600 sponsors 20 starter DIY gardening packs for individuals in low-income communities. The kit contains a DIY garden manual & inputs needed to start a garden in a 1m x 1m container.

Any monetary amount over R2,500 can be catered for amongst these, and many other, initiatives.

Contact Us to find out more about these – and other – projects or about how we can help you donate your money and/or CSI funds for maximum impact.