Amanda Rich

082  379 1983

Amanda Rich,  a UCT graduate, has worked in the Retail marketing industry for 20 years with much exposure to companies CSI initiatives. From her days of involvement with RAG and SHAWCO and the observations within companies she has worked for - there is a greater need to link companies with relevant CSI projects and for them to in return get more benefit for this. Her recent role as Marketing Director at Sunglass Hut exposed her to the Luxottica CSI partner, Onesight, which is making a significant and meaningful difference to improving people’s eyesight in disadvantaged communities around the world. Her strategic knowledge, project management skills and problem solving abilities are key enablers to this role.


Lauren Hirst

082 567 0427

Lauren Hirst, also a UCT graduate, has worked in the marketing and communications industry for over 20 years. She started and ran Ogilvyearth for 4 years, where she helped companies, such as VW, manage their CSI spend and believes that there is enough CSI money available to benefit most local NGOs, but it needs to be better channelled and managed, in order to have greater and more relevant impact.  She is experienced in strategic communication development and implementation, reputation management and helping to facilitate sustainable behaviour change

Trust number: 
IT002787/2015 (C)